Inspiration “dinosaur park”, a book Arthur Conan Doyle takes place in Brazil

Inspiration “dinosaur park”, a book Arthur Conan Doyle takes place in Brazil

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Just a quick search on the internet surfer to uncover the entire planet before his eyes. Except for a few military bases, the whole Earth lies just a few clicks away with tools such as Google Earth. But it wasn’t always so. Since the great navigations in the 15th century, The Adventures of Captain James Cook (1728-1779), the world was full of unknown places. The expression in Latin is “unknown” were used by the makers of the old maps to describe locations yet to explore. At the end of the 19th century, everything was almost set, but the search for new homes led to a whole vein of literature that rescued Brazilian readers.

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In one of the most important books of this takes, the Lost World, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, published by however, the journalist Edward Malone of the Daily Gazette, goes on a journey to the heart of the Amazon in search of a plateau that would provide a place for the dinosaurs, according to animal world discredited George challenger. The zeitgeist of the season is expressed by McArdle drive Malone sends in the adventure of “the great blank spaces of the map are all filled and there is no place more romantic in any place.” Or as Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi note in the introduction to the Portuguese edition of the dictionary of imaginary places: “I’ve made it impossible to set sail into the unknown, not to be under the surveillance of the human (…) but there is still the mapping of the imagination. Geography mock is infinitely more vast than the physical world.”

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In the book Conan Doyle’s challenger claims to have seen these dinosaurs of the Brazilian, but was not able to bring evidence of their existence. Height, baptized the land of Maple White, inspired by Mount Roraima, has been isolated for millions of years, preserving the ecological balance of the Jurassic and mesozoico, and to avoid the extinction of the dinosaurs. But for scientists to consider the allegations ridiculous “Shakespeare facing baconiano, or astronomical attacked by fanatics of a flat Earth”.

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Fallacies about Brazil, geography and language does not stain the work, but some fertility and normal eyes of the reader of the standard, despite the fact that Conan Doyle considered enlightened. As usual in stories of this kind, the explorers all the white men that used to create black and/or indigenous peoples (in this case, both), the rare female characters exist only sources of love – Malone asks his publisher to send on an adventure because he wants to conquer all of Gladys his name, he gives the central lake Maple White.

Conan Doyle the basis of his wonderful tales in the events alleged to be real. On 11 January 1911, New York Herald published a story about the animals before the historic is supposed to dwell in the Amazon rainforest. During the so-called war bones (1872-1892), driven by the development between paleontologistas Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope with the public interest before the dinosaurs grew and the discoveries of the excavations became more frequent. It is not strange, therefore, that Doyle, which was consecrated by the crime novels Sherlock Holmes, wants to explore these mysteries in the Lost World, originally published in 1912.

There were already pre-historic creatures in novels and short stories of Jack London, Ambrose Moore, Frank Mackenzie Savile, and H. G. Wells, Samir Machado de Machado note in the introduction to the work. But a vivid description that Doyle makes the dinosaurs is heavily inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs at the Earth’s core (1914); Érico Verissimo, in your journey to the dawn of the world (1939); Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park (1990 recently released by the pet).

At the time Doyle was in contact with the Manuscript 512. This document of 1754 description of the Lost City in the Amazon, and which aroused the curiosity of the British explorers such as Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) and Percy Fawcett (1867-1925), and with the cable line with the strategy, and who died disappeared trying to find civilization mysterious in Mato Grosso. This manuscript Brazilian may have influenced the Salt Mines of Solomon (1886), Sir Henry Rider Haggard, recently published by reading.

Considered one of the founders of the literature of exploration work tells The Journey Into Africa through the eyes of elephant hunter Allan Quatermain who helps Noble to find his lost brother in the land of Kukuanalândia, in addition to the wild and almost impassable, where the legendary King Solomon (1050-931…. C) have found a diamond. He was exhausted from the revelation of Tom, my impression of the first person accounts and descriptions of the lush landscape and model letter books of this type.

“Journey to the extraordinary” Jules Verne to the moon at the bottom of the sea, or around the world also follow this tradition, and was revived with some frequency in Brazil. Only in 2018, The New Frontier has released a box with three Adventures of a condenser of the French writer; and through the reading of the recently launched five days in a balloon, in the example of Haggard, Verne recounts a trip to Africa (but different from the British writer, didn’t step foot in the cradle of humankind); the ego in Freud’s published his A Journey to the center of the Earth, 1864, which Verne imagined mankind in prehistoric times are discovered by explorers in the hollow core of the world, the inspiration of Burroughs.

“It is a very old need to invent countries, and then say as the author found them”, and goes Manguel and Guadalupi. “Written in the middle of the third millennium. C., The Epic of Gilgamesh (or at least the second half) the facts of the journey of the king to the kingdom of the dead. Odyssey, composed in the 8th century…. The context is the calculation of the genus of the obstacles that arrive after many years of the desired objective.” These and other land dolls that live fantasy literature say they are not the product of just escape from reality. “Atlantis, The Mysterious Island, the community is far from Utopia, the Emerald City of Oz are the places that I visited in thought but not in fact, although they are essential to what we call the human condition.”

Today this rescue of classic literature, exploration shows that this business has gained importance with the passage of time. There may be no more “unknown” to tame, but in the 21st century, with the islands being eaten away by the increase in the level of the oceans, glaciers disappearing, conspired coastal modification by encroachment of water and the entire forest is being cleared of the forest, to the maps the most perfect will be obsolete without a little bit of imagination.