A short biography of Stan Lee, the First Avenger from the Marvel | Superinteressante

A short biography of Stan Lee, the First Avenger from the Marvel | Superinteressante

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It is complicated to calculate the legacy of the person, but six to me some of the numbers in your favor. The creation of more than 361 characters (heroes, villains, and even journalists a bad mood). In film and television, and was credited as executive producer 164 times and made 121 presentations both as a voice actor, cartoon character, or in the 33 stocks in the Marvel movies in the last ten years has earned Disney more than $ 17 million. On Monday, the 12, me passed away at the age of 95 years. And in this century of life, he forever changed the history of entertainment.

Stanley Martin Lieber was born in New York on December 28, 1922. He was from a poor family, the son of a housewife and a tailor, both Jewish and Romanian newcomers in the “Big Apple”. And that wasn’t easy to become more difficult with time: at the age of 9 years, the cartoonist won a younger brother, with the arrival of the crisis of 29, the mother entered in the statistics of Americans unemployed during the Great Depression. “See the effect of sentiment is that the unemployment rate was in his soul, making him feel consumed, overwhelmed with a feeling that I’ll never forget,” he said in his autobiography “Excelsior! (The logo of which placed me in everything I want to say “awesome”, “Majestic”) “is a feeling that the most important thing for a man is to have work, be busy, be useful.”

Stan Lee

Stan Lee

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These need to work (the water at the beginning of the function) is reflected in all stages of life. At the age of 16 years old in 1939 she got her first job. According to what I learned to do is write, try to take advantage of it in all the ways that I found: I began to write obituaries in newspapers and the hospital. The first great service, however, was the result of luck: my cousin has been married to Martin Goodman, the owner in a timely manner: the publisher, who was riding in the newly a wave of comic books that have started to form. Stanley focused on the money, although with a little shame. He began to write scripts for the company, but with a pen name: Stan Lee. Not something he wanted to save his real name when you write something really good.

Days forget the past.

Picked up the bait. The celebration began quadrinistas that were starting to do interesting jobs: Carl Burgos have created a story about a man caught fire, and Human Torch; Bill Everett wrote about Namor The Prince of the submarine, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby told the story of a soldier who fought against the Nazis: Captain America. However, this pair has clashed with Goodman. The president ended up with the nobody cares section of the comics in time. “He turned to me and asked: ‘Can you do this?’. He was 17 years old. You know when you have 17 years? Talked’, of course, I can.”, Stated in the article site, Inc. “Martin must have forgotten about me because he just left me there. And I love it. It was new so that was very embarrassing. Once in a while someone back in the office and asked the boy Where can I find the editor?'”, Mind.

The issue is that the time wasn’t exactly fans of Super Heroes. Goodman was a fan of the water. Then use the comic book to make some money in all directions that emerged. The contest started selling comic books from the West? I had to come up with a bang bang in your pages. The horror stories they were flock to the baths? Even six may frighten some readers there. Wasn’t me love these tires – but I have the money and don’t want to leave to become unemployed (it is worth noting here the trauma that the parent without work you have left), then holding the quarrel. For a period of 20 years. Then the fun really. “[When] I told my wife ‘I’m not leaving the office, I think I will resign’. She gave me the best advice of this world, ” he said, ‘Why don’t you write the story the way you want instead of Martin, what he wants? […] The worst that can happen is that he will resign”.

Stan Lee em Homem Aranha

Stan Lee in Spider-Man

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Me follow the advice: that he had fallen in love with, such as this from Justice, which he had recently read. Written their team: Fantastic Four. With just a little details, and set aside a little of the characters perfect and legendary, giving the powers of a dysfunctional family. Now super heroes are no longer so super. . Sales were great, and there are six began creating the characters that brought him fame. Hulk, X-Men, Spider-Man. Almost all of the characters day to yield billions in theaters, have appeared there. The legacy of the Me-story, edition edition.

Worked so well that Martin decided to change the name of the company that now don’t copy more trends: focused on Super Heroes. I realized that the first legendary figure who appeared in the pages of the company’s Human Torch in the comic that was called “fantastic tales” (something that can be translated as “the story that left terrified”. That’s what it was. The company now called Marvel.

Martin had no more interest in the business. Decided to sell the company – on the promise that my son, chip, will assume the presidency in the new administration. It did not happen. Preferred shareholders Lee, who rose from editor to Chief of the main comic book publisher of the time. It was the bride who was missing for six.

The Civil War

But from there to here, not all happiness. The main designers Marvel began to struggle with me. Jack Kirby, John Romita, Steve Ditko, who designed respectively the Avengers, Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, all have problems with me. At one time, it was stated that “six” credit for their work. Claims that, even today, result in lawsuits, millionaire. In an interview with the BBC in 2007, it was clear his opinion about this issue “I really think that the man who dreams of something her creation! You idolize that loses someone to draw it…”. But the design can be considered as critical characters. It is hard to imagine Spider-Man Without a classic suit, for example. When the interviewer questioned that if someone else had drawn the characters, it may not be a success. “Then you’ve created something that didn’t work” responds.

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Even outside of the enterprise environment, the cartoonist came going through difficult times recently. In the past year, your wife Joan Lee, who was married for 69 years died (which makes me prove to research conducted by Harvard University, viuvíce increases the risk of death by up to 66%, so in the months that followed the death of a spouse). Months later, he was accused by the actor of harassing them, filed a lawsuit against his former business man of fraud and abuse, and was seen in the signing session he asks how soletrava your name.


Among the many problems, however, can shed light on what was the merit of caricature: it was not to create amazing characters, but to understand the society in which he lived, the construction of personas which make people sympathize with. Not the powers of Spider-Man that won the fans; the defects of Peter Parker. No magic spells of Dr. Strange; it was the artistic representation of the sensations caused by LSD (the main drug of the time). Behind the iconic glasses-taxi driver, to me I saw a world that can be transferred to your pages – it was enough to make someone fly or be bullet proof, to make things a little more lively. If great power comes with great responsibilities, and I had a hell of responsa. And in a story where time was a hero, time was the villain autobiography, Little By Little, taking on the form of a Super-Hero, which is a higher power, without a doubt, is to have a legacy.